Top tips for repurposing your content


The content you publish says a lot about your brand. It serves to engage people, inspire them, and encourage them to take action – in whatever form you choose.

But as the economy becomes more unsettled, you need to get the most bang for your marketing buck. And the smart way to do this is by repurposing content that you already have.

Cutting, chopping and repurposing your content can boost your visibility and increase your website traffic, without a great deal of effort or expense. Win-win in today’s tough climate!

No idea where to start? No problem!


Why repurposing content makes sound business sense


Why do we produce content? To reach an audience. How do we engage an audience? With the right content.

But because you can’t guarantee what each person will respond to, it pays to reach out in different ways. And because we’re trying to save you money here, the most cost-effective way of doing this is by taking a great piece of content and giving it the makeover treatment.

And everybody loves a makeover story.

From blogs, guides, ebooks and podcasts, to infographics, case studies, whitepapers and webinars, there’s a huge range of potential for your marketing material. We’re talking endless(ish) possibilities for connecting with your audience, and getting your brilliant content seen, heard, and understood.


How to get the most out of your content



Ever heard of it?

No, not the Will Young song. Evergreen content. It’s where it’s at.

If you’ve written a blog article that continues to be relevant and valuable down the years (unlike a post extolling the virtues of myspace), that’s Evergreen. Which makes it ripe for the picking.

There’s no need to dismiss content with a few outdated references, either: these can be easily updated to suit your purpose.

When choosing which content to dissect and disseminate, take a look at your analytics to see what’s performed best over the past year. If something’s already hitting home, it’s definitely worth a rework.


What to do with your brilliant content


Picked the perfect piece to recycle and reignite? Great! Here’s what you can do with it:

  • From article to podcast: If you’ve got an article that demands concentration, transforming it into a podcast makes it more accessible and easily digestible. You can even hire a voiceover if you don’t like your own dulcet tones!
  • From blog posts to ebook: Position yourself as an authority to be reckoned with by taking related blogs and creating a value-packed ebook. Example: you’ve blogged about how to build an email list, what makes an enticing subject line, and how to craft the perfect sales email, so turn all of that insight into a definitive email marketing ebook.
  • From stats to tweets: Short, simple tweets that pack a punch with statistics are hard to resist. If you have a whitepaper full of interesting stats, create a series of tweets. Want to draw attention back to your original content? Include the link to your whitepaper download.
  • Case studies to testimonials: Case studies usually end with a quote about why your product or service is worth investing in, so take that quote and push it out on every platform you’re marketing your business through.
  • Old blog post to new: Have an old blog that’s still relevant today, with just a few outdated references? Revisit your post and update old stats, before distributing with ‘updated’ in the title.
  • From webinar to video tutorial: People love a video tutorial; they’re easy to digest, and usually packed with actionable value. To add interest, include a quote about the quality of the original webinar alongside your video; few people can resist an endorsement.
  • Visual blog to Pinterest board: If you’ve published an image-heavy blog, try repurposing your images on Pinterest. You’d be amazed at how much website traffic Pinterest generates!
  • PowerPoint to infographic: You’ve created a killer PowerPoint presentation packed full of expertly-designed charts and graphs, and you don’t want that effort to go to waste; so why not turn your hard work into an eye-catching infographic?
  • Blog posts to newsletter: Okay, so this one is two-fold. You get to take great tit-bits of advice from past blogs and transform them into a tip-packed newsletter, all while linking back to your original posts.
  • Invoice to sales doc: This isn’t so much a transformation as making the most of every marketing avenue available. If you’re invoicing someone, they’re already invested, so keep that interest strong by linking to blogs/whitepapers/podcasts in your invoice.

The possibilities go on! See how creative you can be, and find what works well with your audience, and for your brand.

And if you need more marketing advice, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.


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